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How to Install

Always call before you dig. US residence call the national call-before-you-dig number 811 a few days before you plan to install. Someone will be out to mark all your utility lines for your safety when digging. 


Select the location for the bubbler pop-up in your yard at least 8-feet from the house (you can go further if desired) in line with the downspout. Dig a hole 10” deep and 12” in diameter for the bubbler pop-up to sit in. Add a 2” layer of gravel to bottom of hole for added drainage under bubbler pop-up.


Scoop out a shallow trench from the house to the bubbler pop-up hole you just dug. Slope the trench from 4” deep at the home to 8” deep where the bubbler pop-up will be placed. Tip Pile the dirt on a large tarp or sheet of cardboard to make dirt removal easy.


Mark on your downspout where you’d like the top of the debris filter to be installed usually between 10” to 20” above the dirt. Cut your downspout at a 45-degree angle. 


Layout your underground 4” thin-wall PVC pipe and 90-degree elbow (purchased separately at your local home center). Fit one end of the pipe into the elbow and the other end to the side of the bubbler pop-up. Adjust the layer of gravel as needed to ensure the top of the green lid on the bubbler pop-up is flush with dirt line. 


Hold the debris filter up against the house under your downspout and measure the length of pipe needed to connect the debris filter to the elbow. Cut and attach to elbow. Attach debris filter to vertical 4″ pipe opening. There is no need to glue the pieces together. Simply nest the bottom of the debris filter into the pipe opening. 


Back fill the trench and around the bubbler pop-up with dirt and tamp down. Return sod or add grass seeds and you’re finished!